Muse has been designing guest experiences for over 16 years – from private events to corporately focused celebrations.  As a design company, Muse has created a name for themselves in the Northwest as a cutting edge design company that pushes the envelope and works beyond the trends to create exceptional events that translate a style and craft all of their own.  Founded by Christina Safford, Designer, Muse sets itself apart as a unique offering to companies, couples, and families looking for a truly inclusive approach to event design.

What is an Event Designer?   Event Design is a delightfully expansive field – every designer, from Colin Cowie to Preston Bailey to Sasha Souza to David Tuttera define it to align with their passions.  For Muse, our passion is artistic expression and as such, we define event design as the visual experience your guests will have as they walk in the door!  That moment in time when you see, feel, hear, smell, and experience your event for the very first seconds you walk through the opening and perceive your vision come to life.

Muse is distinct from a coordination company, a florist, or a rental company as we encompass the entire guest experience and take all of the aspects of the design into consideration for an overall statement as opposed to singular pieces of the whole.  As visions and styles dance in your head, it can be difficult to see how it all blends together… or how you will possibly find the time or the people to make the pieces fall together, especially on the day of your event.   Our design will help you that blend all of the pieces together so that they flow seamlessly into what will be your style. We draw inspiration from your clutter of ideas and trace a defined path that creates a moving experience that draw upon all of your senses.

You are our ‘muse,’ our inspiration.
You should see you, your company, yourselves reflected in the visual experience.
That is how we define Event Design.



In the corporate event world, Muse has worked with small and large scale clients on annual celebrations, product launches, grand openings, client appreciation events, and even one-on-one consulting.  On a more personal level, from private festivities to milestone such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, newborns, and engagements to weddings, Muse celebrates with their clients throughout their lives.

These are a few of our favorite designs.
We do not list all of our events on our website but like to give you an idea of our style…

Wedding Design
Walter/Irwin – Nature Inspired Victorian Romance meets Fun Color Blocking Explosion
Zumwalt/Black – Classic Vintage meets Modern Romance
Curry/Siemers – French Louvre
Hiles/Setter – Stunning Backwoods Glamour
Meiners/Whitaker – Hollywood Glam
Pandian/Carson – Luxurious Picnic meets Bohemian
Shatz/Cox – Hollywood Stars
Strnad/Flint – Steam Punk meets Antique Vintage
Mason/Wong – Woodland Festivities
Muscardin/Kintz – Modern Glamour
Parker/Hoke – 1920’s meets Country Charm
Wolf/Nagle – Blush Classic
Crosby/Fulsher – Mod meets Comfort
Delaney/Randall – Raindrops & Roses
Gilman/Kuhn – Fireflies and Cowboys
Kolomiyets/Fernandez – Russian Festivities

Event Design
Annual Engaged! Party – Trends of the Season
OMSI DaVinci Challenge
Salishan Corporate ‘Spa Day’ Retreat
Annual NW Wedding Scoop Showcase – Behind the Scenes
Hawaiian ‘Summer in the Rain’ Grad Party
Department of Defense ‘Portlandia’ Annual Awards Dinner
‘Vintage Tastes’ Anniversary Celebration
40th ‘Devo’ Birthday
Annual ‘Give Peace A Dance’ Party
Sunshine & Tequila Anniversary Celebration
‘Chutes & Ladders’ Bat Mitzvah
Ashland’s Storybook 4th of July Parade
70th at 700 Feet Birthday
‘Poker Night Celebration
Annual ‘Explore’ Camp for Kids
MIPO 3rd Annual Inventor’s Showcase
Fourth of July ‘Freedom’ Party
‘Cuban Nights’ Client Appreciation
‘Total Portland’ Bachelorette Party
‘Camped Out’ 4th Birthday
Coast Rica ‘Sisters’ Getaway
40th Maui Scavenger Hunt Corporate Team Building
Jr. ‘Oregon’ Olympics
30th ‘Conquer Fears’ Birthday Bash
Pirate Birthday Party
Donna Reed Throwback Festival
Summit View ‘Greece Lightning’ Graduation
Jazzloft’s Monthly ‘Swing’ Dance-Off

Corporate & Private Designs
We work with many individual companies and take individual commissions to do design work in offices, homes, private affairs, and such.  Due to the nature of these designs, we do not list them here on our website but would be happy to elaborate on our experiences when we meet with you to discuss your personalized design.