Passion comes from life itself – it is molded from the places we have lived and visited, to the experiences we have had, to the people who pass through our life.  My passion comes from the incredible exposure I have had throughout my life to the arts – the creativity of the artist – from those I was exposed to in my youth to the visionaries I have the opportunity to work alongside everyday.

Starting at the age of three, my father used to take me to the opera, to art galleries, the theatre.  I sat immersed in his world as I grew up as he let me watch him paint and draw in studio environments, create art from the stage to behind the camera to multimedia creations.  I was exposed to a Renaissance methodology that molded me from a very young age.

Growing up, I immersed myself in art classes from drawing to drafting, from paint to pencil, from form and line to structure and dimension.  I remained involved in the arts throughout my life, from being a consistent patron of the arts, to a degree in direction of the theatrical arts that included an exposure to everything from design and décor to presentation and costuming to the overall integration of management of these elements.  Following that came formal training in design and coordination of events, which I pursued for years and an event designer and planner.

Given my background, it makes sense that from an early age I was creating stories from what I saw.  I was molded to creatively see the entire process, not just one piece of the whole.  Nothing in life is without its backstory and mine comes from doing events all over the world, living in eight different states, seeing over a dozen countries, having the experience of living and designing in Los Angeles, and finally coming ‘home’ to Oregon where Muse was born.

With over 16 years in the industry, I continue my love affair with travel and with people from across the world to keep myself current with the best of the best in and outside the world of events and consider myself a trendsetter that pushes the boundaries of design beyond the current trends and into the unexpected.

As a designer, I love finding my inspiration in every part of life – in art, in architecture, in textures, colors, conversations, fashion, cuisine.  The list is endless.  The sights, sounds, smells, trends, and even the emotion that surrounds us daily can inspire a new approach or a unique idea.  Immerged in the art world since birth, I have the pleasure of seeing the world in a different light and being able to share that with the world as those ideas mesh with the vision of an event.  Being raised in a studio and my years as a designer – from paint to production – I was taught to appreciate the elements of design from their perspective & how they integrate with each other.  From the lines -to- scope/scale -to- color integration & how thing are affected by each other, I bring a unique perspective to event design that is a true passion!

-Christina Safford, Designer