'Glimpse The Design'

We Invite You to “Glimpse The Design”

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Welcome to our  New Blog:  ’Glimpse The Design’

A peak behind Muse’s design inspiration, a ‘looking glass’ shall we say, of what event design entails and how event designer Christina Safford, sees the world.

glimpse  (glĭmps)
a brief  view
2. a vague indication
3. a glimmer of light
4. Archaic A brief flash of light.
to catch sight of briefly or momentarily
6. to shine faintly; glimmer

Just as a flower unfolds, so does a design.  Muse’s logo, an unfurling flower, speaks the the process and art that each and every design takes in her hands.  Here in our blog, we give you the opportunity to take a walk behind the design – an interview if you will – with Muse’s trendsetting designer.

Enjoy the journey.